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Dreamweaver Email Form Tutorial

This beginner-level tutorial is about creating forms in Dreamweaver. You may be familiar with creating web pages in Dreamweaver. This tutorial takes you one step ahead and shows you how to build great interactive forms in Dreamweaver.

Note: It is easy to create complete forms using Simfatic Forms. Visually design the form, get form submissions by email, save submissions to database and more.

Sending form submissions to email using 'mailto:'

The simplest method to get the form submissions posted to you via email is by using "mailto:" in the action field of the form. However, this method has many drawbacks. First, let us see how we can use 'mailto' in a form.

How to Get Email from an HTML Form

Your requirement is simple; you have created a form and want to get the information submitted in the form via email. However, getting this right is not very easy as it sounds. This article attempts to clear the misunderstandings that some people used to have about email forms.

How to create PHP based email form with file attachment

This article shows you how to create a PHP based email form that supports file attachment. The article will also show you how to validate the type and size of the uploaded file.

Note: It is easy to create complete file upload forms using Simfatic Forms. Visually design the form, get form submissions by email, save submissions to database and more. No coding required. Read more about Simfatic Forms here.

PHP form to email explained

It is a common requirement to have a form on almost any web site.

In this article, we will create a PHP script that will send an email when a webform is submitted.

There are two parts to the webform:

  1. The HTML form code for the form. The HTML code below displays a standard form in the web browser. If you are new to HTML coding, please see: HTML form tutorial
  2. The PHP script for handling the form submission. The script receives the form submission and sends an email.
Why is my PHP script not sending emails?

It has happened too often for me to get stuck with a 'form to email' script. Everything appears right but the email sent by the script never reaches the destination address.

This article takes you through the steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Send form submissions to email - no coding required!

It is a common requirement to attach a form to a web site and get the form submissions by email. To do this, you need the following at a minimum:

  • The HTML form
  • A server-side script that receives the form submissions and sends the email. (written in PHP, Perl etc)

The 'form to email' page here discusses the available options in detail.

This page is about Simfatic Forms - a web form tool that you can use to design and create complete web forms without writing any code. You can design the web form, upload it and get form submissions by email. Simfatic Forms generates all the required code.

A Simple Email Form Straight Out of the Oven

a simple email form

Here is a simple email form that you can plug straight into your website. The form contains the basic essential fields. You can add or remove fields in the HTML source.

How to Add an Email Form in Your WordPress Website

An email form can be considered one of the most essential parts of any website. When users need to be able to contact you with feedback or questions about your service, a web form can become very handy. In this tutorial, you will see how to add an email form into your WordPress website by using the Contact Form 7 plugin.