Form Widgets

Creating CSS3 Button Hover Effects

The CSS3 “hover” is a pseudo-class that enables you to select and style elements on a web page when the mouse moves over an element. You can use Javascript or CSS style sheets to react to this event depending on your objective. For example: button.checkout { background-color:blue; } button.checkout:hover { background-color:green; } The CSS code above styles a button with class ‘checkout’. The default color of the button is blue and when the mouse is over the button, the color changes to green.

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A rich password widget for your web forms

Here is a password field widget that not only has a password strength meter but also has other essential features that your users would love to have. Mask or unmask? Do passwords really have to look like **** ? When you type-in your password, the password field shows a mask. This mask supposedly prevents someone from observing your screen ‘over the shoulder’ . But, what if I am at home with the only possible observer being my pet dog?

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