Send form submissions to email - no coding required!

send form to email

It is a common requirement to attach a form to a web site and get the form submissions by email. To do this, you need the following at a minimum:

  • The HTML form
  • A server-side script that receives the form submissions and sends the email. (written in PHP, Perl etc)

The ‘form to email’ page here discusses the available options in detail.

This page is about Simfatic Forms - a web form tool that you can use to design and create complete web forms without writing any code. You can design the web form, upload it and get form submissions by email. Simfatic Forms generates all the required code.

Step 1: Design your web form

You can design your form using the visual editor. You don’t have to worry about the HTML tags and their attributes. All kinds of form elements are supported.

Step 2: The Template for the email

In the ‘form to email’ page, you can edit the template for the email that is sent for every form submission. The template allows you to customize the email the way you want.

Step 3: Generate the code and upload

Once you have designed the form, all that is required is to press a button to generate the code. There is an in-built FTP client using which you can upload the code easily.

Get form submissions by email

That is all that you have to do to get your form online! Simfatic Forms makes it quick and easy.

It is quite easy to design get the forms online using Simfatic Forms. Download and give it a try. Click here for more information on Simfatic Forms.