A rich password widget for your web forms

Here is a password field widget that not only has a password strength meter but also has other essential features that your users would love to have. Mask or unmask? Do passwords really have to look like **** ? When you type-in your password, the password field shows a mask. This mask supposedly prevents someone from observing your screen ‘over the shoulder’ . But, what if I am at home with the only possible observer being my pet dog?

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Why is my PHP script not sending emails?

It has happened too often for me to get stuck with a ‘form to email’ script. Everything appears right but the email sent by the script never reaches the destination address. This article takes you through the steps to troubleshoot the problem. Email : background email is one of the earliest communication systems evolved on the internet. Though email is still the most prevalent communication system on the internet, email spam has grown to be a huge problem.

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