HTML Form with Checkboxes examples and sample code

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Checkboxes can be used in different cases:

  1. You can use a single checkbox to make the user turn on or off an option (just like a switch). For example:

Do you want to opt-in for our newsletter?

  1. You can provide a number of checkboxes where the user can choose more than one options Choose your favourite colors:




Checkbox form element is created by specifying type=checkbox attribute in <input> tag. It creates a checkbox on the form, which has only two values; on or off. By default, the state of the checkbox form element is off (blank) but when you use checked attribute in <input> tag then it becomes selected by default.

Single Checkbox (on/off type)

Note that the second option uses the value attribute. Press the submit button to see the value that gets submitted when you check and uncheck the options

Multiple Checkboxes (choose any number of options)

When you want to allow more than one option to be selected from a group of options, a group of checkboxes is the best choice.

To see this working, select more than one option below and press the submit button. Then see the results in the console window.

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