javascript form

How to call javascript function from form action attribute

HTML forms are an essential element of web pages that enable users to enter and send data. Upon clicking the submit button, the information is transmitted to the server via an HTTP request. The form’s action attribute specifies the URL where the data should be delivered. While creating web applications, it’s common to have forms that enable users to enter and submit data. However, sometimes you may need to perform some actions on the client-side before submitting the form data to the server.

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How to build a Javascript contact form without PHP

Adding a contact form to your website is crucial for effective communication with your audience, but the process can be complicated and require server-side form processing using PHP. However, you can now streamline this process with, a game-changing solution that allows you to connect your HTML forms to the back-end form processor in just a few seconds, without needing PHP scripts or server configuration. Just 3 Steps Go to Ratufa.

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Javascript form to email for HTML forms

If you have a website, it’s essential to have a web form. Web forms provide an easy way for visitors to contact you and help build trust with your audience. In this article, we will discuss how to create an email form using JavaScript. HTML forms consist of two parts: the front-end and the back-end. The front-end handles the presentation, while the back-end handles the form submissions such as sending emails or saving form submissions.

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