A Simple Email Form Straight Out of the Oven

Here is a simple email form that you can plug straight into your website. The form contains the basic essential fields. You can add or remove fields in the HTML source. Notes The client-side form validation is done using jQuery Form Validation plugin (see a detailed tutorial here ). On the server-side, this PHP validation library is used. It has a subtle jQuery Fade-in animation while submitting the form. The form is submitted via Ajax.

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PHP Form Validation Script

It is very essential to have the input to your form validated before taking the form submission data for further processing. When there are many fields in the form, the PHP validation script becomes too complex. Moreover, since you are doing the same or similar validation for most of the forms that you make, just too much of duplicate effort is spent on form validations. About this generic PHP form validation script This generic PHP form validator script makes it very easy to add validations to your form.

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Making a contact form with file upload support

Having file upload boxes in contact forms will be greatly convenient for some web sites. For example, if the visitor can attach his/her photo and resume, that will greatly enhance the form’s functionality. Here is a contact form that you can customize for your needs. Also see free file attachment forms from Download the contact form code You can download the contact form that best fits your needs and then customize as required.

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