How to send Google form responses to multiple email addresses

By default, you can set up a Google Form to send you a notification email whenever a new response is received in the form.

However, how do you set up Google Forms to send email notifications to multiple email addresses? Here are the simple steps (and there is no custom add-on or coding involved)

# Step 1: Enable saving form submissions to a Google Sheet

You can easily turn on saving form submissions to a Google sheet.

First, go to the responses tab of your Google Forms. Then click on the Google Sheets icon

Google Forms responses tab

Then choose to save the form submissions to a Google sheet Google Forms to Google Sheets

# Step 2: Share the Google Sheet with the recipients

You can easily share the link to the Google Sheet with multiple people

Google Sheets Share button

Google Sheets Share link

# Step 3: Subscribe to new Form submissions

Each user can now subscribe to the new submission notifications

Go to the menu item: Tools → Notifications menu item. Then enable the email option Google forms notifications