How to make a Google form survey anonymous

make google form survey anonymous google forms survey forms

You can create a Google form that does not require signing in to Google (that is, the user can fill in the form anonymously).

Here are the steps.

Create your form

Go to Google forms website and create a new blank form

Press the new blank form button: Create a new blank form

Add the form Fields

Short answer field

Name field


Go to the settings by clicking on the ‘settings’ icon on the top right

Settings Icon

Make sure that all the options that require sign up are unchecked. No Sign in

Test the form in a different browser

You can test whether the form works without any Google Sign in. Open a browser where you never sign in to Google (open Firefox, Opera, Safari where there is no automatic Google Sign in)

In Google forms, click the “Send” button and copy the short link to the form Copy Google form link Paste the link in the browser you have opened.

Then see that the form works without Google sign in: Open form in the browser

Google form without sign in

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