Google forms limit responses to one

google forms limit responses

In some cases, you may want to limit the user's ability to respond only once. (One user can respond to the form only once). This limit will be especially useful in case of voting forms.

This feature comes with one limit that the user has to signup/login to Google before responding. This is because Google uses the user login to keep track of who submitted the form already.

Making your form limited to one response

Go to the settings by clicking on the ‘settings’ icon on the top right

Settings Icon

In the settings, select the option “Limit to one response”.

Limit to one response

Optionally, you can collect the user's email address which will allow you to get back to the respondents later.

Press the “Save” button and you are done with the setup

Test the form.

You may want to test the changes to the form in the next step.

Click the “Send” button and copy the short link to the form Copy Google form link Paste the link in a browser window

Try posting a response and then repeating the process.