How to create a Google form for registration

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This page will show you how to create a registration form, collect participants to a Google Sheet and then send updates and reminders to the participants later.

First, go to Google Forms website ( ). You should be logged in with your Google account.

Suppose we want to create a registration form for a training workshop. We want to make it easy for the registrants to complete the form. So, the only information that we will ask is the name, email, and phone number.

Demo video

Create a new form

Press the new blank form button: Create a new blank form

Give a name to the form

Give a name to the form. Give a brief description of your workshop/program Enter instructions to the user.

Name the form

Add the Fields

Add Name and Phone fields. Select the type Short Answer from the dropdown menu

Short answer field

Name field

Click on the ‘clone’ icon to quickly duplicate the current field and make the “Phone” field.

Clone the field

We don’t have to add the email field because if you select a setting, Google forms will automatically add an email field.


Go to the settings by clicking on the ‘settings’ icon on the top right

Settings Icon

This opens the Forms settings box Google forms settings

Check the “Collect email address” option and “Always send response receipts” options. I will explain what does it do, in a moment.

Test the form

Now that we have added the fields, you can preview the form and see how it will look like to the user.

Press the Preview button Preview Button

Customize form style to match your theme

Click on the customize theme icon: Customize theme

You can customize the colors, the background and the header image here. Edit the style

We need a shareable link to the form so that we can send it by email or share it through social media. In order to create the form’s shareable link, click on the “send” button.

Send button icon

Then select the link tab and copy the short link for the form. You can send this link to your email list or share it on social media.

Users who don’t have Google account or users who haven’t logged in also can fill the form.

Test your form

Use the form link you created to open the form in another browser window. Make a test submission. Submit your email address.

Check your email. You should see a receipt from the form.

Email from Google Forms

Come back to your form editor. In the “Responses” tab, you should see a new response.

You can save the form submissions to a Google Sheet. Press the Google Sheet icon

Google Sheet icon in the Responses tab